Les extras de l’édition 2017

Weekend Entertainment 

The entertainment begins with Champéry’s Palladium sports center open to all during the weekend, complete with a pool, ice rink and children’s play areas. The main street of the village will also feature musical entertainment, and  restaurant terraces will be available to take in the spirit of the weekend, a runners approach the finish line. Main street merchants will also be selling regional products through a variety of local businesses.

DDM Trail Village

This year, the Paladium sports center will feature a trail running village, complete with nutrition displays, sports equipment and a multitude of exhibitors. A giant screen will allow you to watch the highlights of previous editions of the race, accompanied by information from our marquee sponsors, all making for a total immersion in the DDM Trail and its rich, iconic history.

VIP Space

A VIP area in Champéry will also welcome the key figures of the DDM Trai race seriesl, for a complete immersion in this beautiful region and its legendary mountain at 7 summits. A symbol around which the DDM Trail will live for 3 days unforgettable moments.

Quelques données clés


2013: 215 participants | 2014: 291 participants | 2015: 432 participants Countries represented: Switzerland, USA, France, England, Poland, Belgium, China, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Brazil.

Trail Data

4 aid stations | 6 checkpoints | 150 volunteers | 15 rescuers| 2 mountain guides | 1 Air-Glacier helicopter | 1 doctor

DDM By the Numbers…

150 liters of soft drinks | 200 liters of beer | 75 kg of cheese | 26 kg of chocolate | 20 kg of bread | 16 kg of bread, 3 kg of orange, bananas …

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