Rob Krar

Rob Krar

Champéry welcomes a talented American athlete

Trail runner Rob Krar was born in Canada in 1976. Today, he calls Flagstaff, Arizona, his home. We were pleased to welcome Rob to Champéry as a race ambassador in 2017.

Rob Krar is the winner of a number of legendary races in the United States and Canada, including Western States, and a “Fastest Known Time” trail racing the Grand Canyon. He distinguished himself in international sports as early as 1994, when he competed for Canada at the world triathlon championships at the age of 16.

Funny and unique, Rob Krar is dedicated to trail running. He runs internationally-known trail running camps from Flagstaff. He also coaches and travels around the world to share his enthusiasm for trail running.  Speaking about trail running, Rob says, “It brings me a balance.”



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