DDM | 57 The Genuine !

DDM | 57

The Trail des Dents-du-Midi  – The 7 Summits Challenge

“The DDM between us, or the 7S DDM Trail for our English speaking friends”

The course of the Trail des Dents-du-midi covers 57km and includes 3700 meters of elevation gain.
The departure and the finish line are in the village of Champéry.

There are 2 departures for the DDM|57 races: 6am and 9am
The choice of departure time is free. The stopwatch is simply started by the runner by passing on the start line thanks to our timing partner MSO. On the other hand, attention, the time barriers are identical for all the runners, that is 1:30pm in Vérossaz and 4:30pm in Salanfe. Adapt your start choice to the time you think you will take.

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First part

Champéry – Soi


Adrenaline will get you going through Champéry. On the outskirts of town, you’ll come to the “baby stroller” road, leading you through rolling terrain to Grand Paradis.

Those few kilometers are the easy warm up— but we hope you didn’t start too fast! From there, the Roc Coupé makes for a tricky rock passage, then come the meadows at Rossetan. With Rossetan done, you’ve climbed 550 meters. Now, the slope moderates en route to Anthème and the first checkpoint, which arrives at 9 kilometers and a bit less than 1000m of climbing. Don’t forget to glance right at the Haute Cime, the highest peak of the Dents-du-Midi.

The next checkpoint at So isn’t too far off: a little downhill running to revive your legs, followed by more rolling terrain and some climbing— this is a mountain trail after all, right?— and then you’re at Soi! On hand will be Ralphy’s volunteers and the President of Val d’Illiez, whose smiles and encouragement will, we hope, power you on to Vérrossaz.

Friends and families

We invite you to enjoy Champéry and all the entertaining activities organised for you. Food and drink, open houses at the local shops : everything has been done to help you wait for your favourite runner’s arrival amid a lively ambiance.

Early-risers can go directly up to Anthème hut to catch the sunrise, a little after the first runners’ passage, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Valley of Illiez and the Dents-du-Midi. With the lake and the hut nearby, it’s the perfect place to enjoy the early morning!

For those who enjoy walking that’s a bit less strenuous, going up to Rossetan will allow you to watch the runners during the first of the major challenges of the course. You may then carry on towards Bonaveau and its food and drinks. It’s hard to find a more pleasant way to discover the region!

For those looking for an exciting challenge, we suggest pushing on on to Susanfe Hut where Fabienne and her team are second-to-none, when it comes to make the high alpine valley of Susanfe unforgettable

Second part

Soi – Vérossaz


The beneficial effects of an aid station stop starting to take effect, you’ll cruise over the few hundred meters of terrain leading to Soi, followed by the long 2 km descent towards the Chalin pasture.

A stream crossing behind you, you’ll contour through mountain pastures under the Dent de Valère. After four twists and turns around the range, you’ll reach the end of this beautiful section. More rolling path precedes a descent, then the pasture at Valère leads to the forest path towards Chindonne.

Alas, you will have to climb another 200 m before enjoying the downhill to Chindonne, at 20 km in to the course a little more than 1400 m of vert. For the relayers, the last efforts loom just ahead: one km to the sport center followed by a nice hillside path, and you are at Bagne chalet.

The fast descent towards Vérossaz brings the first relay members to the end of their race. For those tackling the entire DDM course, you’ll want to take the descent with a bit more cautious— the challenges remain significant after these first 25 km.

Friends and families

For those of you looking to cheer on the runners, Soi is an ideal spot. After their passage, you can meander up to Soi lake and admire the beautiful stone designs by the Cherix brothers.

Accessible by car, Chindonne and its unique view over the Rhône valley is another spot not to be missed. The team at Restaurant of Chindonne will serve excellent dishes hand crafted from local produce. Make yourself comfortable on the terrace, and encourage trail runners on their long descent to Vérossaz.

In Vérossaz, starting point for the first edition of the Tour des Dents-du-Midi, you can watch the relay handover for each team. Entertainment, food and drink will be available starting at noon. Vérossaz is accessible from the Rhône valley via Massongex.

Third part

Vérossaz – Salanfe


The trailers the grand tour may find difficult this departure from Vérossaz. Indeed, escorted by fresh relayers, they will perform the first steps on » Pétolet » path to join the road to the football field. After a few minutes on the tar, you will get to a forest path (and see some lamas on your right) leading towards Mex.

Pay attention to a downhill path on your left that will take you back to the original track of the Tour and its rolling passage towards Mex. Another 5 km, an extra 450 m height difference and the village will stand out in front of you. After the dowhill crossing of the « old » village, you will join the road to the barrage of St-Barthélémy, ultimate break to catch your breath before the famous climbing to the Jorat pass.

The 1000m height variation over some 5km expect you and have exhausted more than one before !, For the thirsty, a fountain is happily here in mid-ascent. Don’t miss it , there is still some distance left to Salanfe. No doubt the result in the race will be played out here for the best ones. The view at the top is the best way to help you forget your tiredness : breathtaking ! Just enjoy it before hitting the way down to Salanfe and to the supplies post. Aline, Delphine and all the team will make you forget…the only remaining 15 km.

Friends and families

Mex and the view over the Rhône plain is the perfect place to motivate all the runners before the rise to the Jorat pass, certainly the biggest challenge of the course.

Besides, if you feel like it, you can also enjoy the breathtaking view over the lake of Salanfe and the whole chain of surrounding mountains by doing yourself this passage over the Jorat pass, myth of the Tour of the Dents-du-Midi.

Wether you come from the Jorat pass or from Van d’en Haut, the inn of Salanfe and its lake is a must see destination. Fabienne and Nicolas are expecting you at the halt with their panoramic terrace and menu for large or small appetites.

Fourth part

Salanfe – Cabane de Susanfe


It is along the lake of Salanfe that you will approach the final climb of the day. About one km flat to warm up before the trail on your right straightens for a few meters, preceding a rising false flat leading to the foot of Susanfe pass.

From the first meters, the atmosphere changes and you now get close to the section most « mountain » of the course. Just under 600m height difference and 3km for a rise as we like them : beautiful, just technical enough and a lunar passage as an icing on the cake. For the most difficult parts, no problem, the guides will have prepared the ground.

You will need the particular atmosphere of Susanfe pass and the proximity of the Haute Cime to make up for the remaining 12 km and 1500m negative height difference left for you.

At first easy and pleasant, the descent becomes quickly more technical and irregular once engaged in the valley of Susanfe. You will perform 2 extra km to get to Susanfe hut and enjoy Fabienne’s warm and smiling welcome.

Friends and families

From Salanfe, the access to the course is immediately more « mountain ».

This should not keep you from going up to Susanfe pass, either from Champéry or from Van d’en Haut and thus enjoy a secure way.

You might even take the opportunity for performing the ascent of the  Haute Cime, emblematic peak of the region.

Fifth part

Cabane de Susanfe – Champéry


As nice as it is, there is no choice but  leave Susanfe hut and its team.

After a little more than 1km, the Pas d’Encel is expecting you. Location feared by some, looked forward to by others (only a few indeed), it will leave a memory to each of you anyway. The guides will be present to make you secure through this ultimate technical portion. A few minutes more and you will catch sight of the last supplies post of Bonaveau, run by Fabrice and his team.

Only 500m height difference and 6km left before the arrival in Champéry. A final descent in the forest, the passage at the Grand-Paradis, the Prams road covered a few hours earlier, will lead you to Champéry main street. The pain is forgotten, the legs get lighter and you pass the finish line under the applause of the spectators.


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