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The Trail in Relay

“The Relay for those who like to run as a couple or with a friend”

The Trail of the Dents-du-midi can be done in Relay. It includes two routes;

  • 1st relay: 25km of distance, 1600m of elevation gain. Departure from Champéry and arrival in Vérossaz.
  • 2nd relay: 32km of distance, 2100m of elevation gain. Departure from Vérossaz and arrival in Champéry.

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First Relay

Champéry – Vérossaz


The adrenaline of the departure will carry you to cross Champéry by running. Quickly you will join the “Pushchair path” which will take you in a false rolling flat to the Grand-Paradis. Pleasant to get your legs on a few kilometers of flat ground…

But beware of a too fast start, the Roc Coupé and its passage through the rocks, then the Rossetan meadow await you: the first 550 meters of difference in altitude, regular but relatively steep. The slope is then gentler to lead you to Antème and its first checkpoint: a little less than 1000m of difference in level and about 9km in fact! Don’t forget to take a look on the right on the Haute Cime, the highest summit of the Dents-du-Midi.

The refreshment station of Soi is not very far: a little descent to get back on your feet, followed by a breakaway (it’s a mountain trail all the same!) and you’re there. The smiles of Raphy’s team of volunteers and the encouragements of the president of Val d’Illiez will certainly carry you to the next refreshment station in Vérossaz!


We invite you to enjoy Champéry and all the animations organized for you. everything has been done to make the waiting for the arrival of your favorite runner in the best possible atmosphere.

The more early risers will go directly up to the cabane d’Antème to admire the sunrise (a little after the first runners have passed by anyway) and the magnificent view on the Val d’Illiez and on the Dents. A perfect place to enjoy the morning between the lake and the hut.

For those who wish to walk a little, the climb to Rossetan will allow you to see the runners in the first difficulties of the course. You will then have the possibility to continue your walk in the direction of Bonavau and its canteen. Difficult to make more pleasant to discover or rediscover the region!

For the most valiant, we suggest you to push the effort to the cabane of Susanfe where Fabienne and her team have no equal to make the valley of Susanfe unforgettable.

Second Relay

Vérossaz – Champéry


The beneficial effects of the provisioning will allow you to fly over the few hundred meters in light ascent which brings you to Soi … and its long descent (about 2km) to the mountain pasture of Chalin.

The stream just behind you, a new false flat will take you along the Dent de Valère. A 1st curve, then a 2nd which precedes a 3rd, but it is only the 4th curve which indicates the end of this magnificent, but interminable part if the legs start to get heavy. A footpath, a descent and the Valère mountain pasture announce the forest road leading you to Chindonne. Don’t be mistaken, you have to go back up for 200 meters before taking advantage of the downhill slope allowing you to reach Chindonne. 20 km and a little more than 1400m of difference in altitude behind you.

For the torchbearers, the last efforts are coming: a first km to reach the sports center, followed by a beautiful trail on the hillside and you are at the chalet in Bagne. To finish in beauty, the descent to Vérossaz announces the liberating relay! The trailers of the grand tour will certainly be more cautious, the menu still being copious after these first 25 km.


The checkpoint of Soie and its refreshment station is an ideal place to cheer on the runners. After their passage, you can go up to the lac de Soi and admire the magnificent arrangements made by the Cherix brothers.

Accessible by car, Chindonne and its unique view of the Rhone valley is the next must-see meeting place. The team of the restaurant in Chindonne will prepare excellent dishes with local products. Comfortably seated on the terrace, you will be able to cheer on the trailers as they make their way down to Vérossaz.

It is at Vérossaz, the place of origin of the first round of the Dents-du-Midi, that you will attend the relay passage of the runners by team. Animation and catering await you at noon. Access is by the plain (Massongex).



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