DDM | 13 / J For all or Juniors

DDM | 13 / J

The DDM|13 and Junior – DDM’s Youth Race

DDM Trail welcomes many ages; we encourage athletes of all kinds and ages, whether they be fathers, mothers, or other relatives. While the “advanced ones” are devoted to their ambitious passion, we have set up an activity for the newer and younger ones so that they can take part as well.

This 13 km long race is proposed in 2 versions: the one for adults and the other for children aged 12 to 17. The race starts from the same location, going accross the village of Champéry before finishing at the same location again as its bigger brothers, under the great arch of the iconic DDM Trail.

Course – Download the PDF

The departure is located on the village road, between the Tourism office and the municipality building; by the departure arch of all other races.

The first 200m are done on the gentle slope of the Rue du Village. The next 700m are on asphalt, to then continue another 700m on a forest road before crossing a bridge over the River “La Vièze”. The path then leads to the place called “Roc-coupé” to follow the surroundings of “Bonaveau d’en Bas” until reaching the “Belle-Etoile” bridge with a vertical drop of about 500m. Then we  follow a track to the Bonaveau refuge to join the original Trail route, back to the starting point of Grand-Paradis before crossing the bridge that joins the cable car’s large parking space.

At the end of the parking, just at the edge of the forest, is the beginning of the “Chemin des Pousettes,” a 700m long forest path with a vertical drop of 34m.

Leaving the path, the race course continues through the neighborhoods of Champéry village for another 670m to Restaurant le Vieux-Chalet, then continues in front of the Art.Boutique.Hotel Beau-Séjour.

The finish takes place in the middle of the “Rue du Village”, which is a gentle route down for 480m to finish at the same finish point as the Trail des Dents-du-Midi.


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